Too Much Pants, Not Enough Plan

Though I had been hopeful at the start of this month, I unfortunately had to drop out of NaNo around the 35k mark. As with last year’s NaNo, I didn’t plan as well as I had thought I did and just ran out of story, even after I started writing chapters from both characters’ points of view. I tried adding follow-up stories that would take place after the book ended (or where it ended in my head, that middle bit is the tricky part). No such luck. This a bad time of year for me since I have a lot of crafting to do for the holidays and as well as a lot of cooking. Oh, and the election was a big fat buzzkill, to say the least.

When I get behind in writing this time of year, I really get behind. I became very resentful of the story, and nearly quit earlier but I found myself rallying and pushing through it. This week, I finally hit my wall with the story. My biggest issue in writing romance is writing conflict that would keep the characters apart enough to be believable and to be overcome in the end. I could write stories without happy endings, but frankly, I don’t want to. Real life is too much of a bummer (as this year has proven time and again), so I’d like a little happy in my reading life.

I found myself wanting to work on a Camp NaNo story that I had shelved last year instead of this one. It’s a historical romance set in the Georgian era in England. To me, it felt as though there were more believable stakes than the ones in my contemporary romance. There’s a bit more to chew on than just overcoming emotional baggage and a time constraint. For now, the Ireland romance is going to be shelved until I feel the need to revisit it.

I’m taking time to read more romance as I’ve been out of the game up until somewhat recently. For a while, I felt very disillusioned with romance because what I was coming across was very stereotypical and flat or that 80s rapey stuff (sadly, still a thing). Thanks to Jenny Trout’s The Boss series, BookRiot, and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books I’ve waded back into the romance pool and I’ve found things that I enjoy. Sarah MacLean has become a fast favorite of mine.

I am disappointed that I thought I might pull it off this year, but I just do not have it in me anymore. I can just learn from my mistakes and try again. There’s always hope for next year.


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