Easier Said Than Done

Rarely do I make resolutions for the New Year, but I think next year I will need to focus on better time management. These past few months have taught me that. And this is from someone who does not work even part time. I thought I had time to work on holiday presents and NaNo – not so much. This month I was sure I could finish all of the remaining gifts and also do daily flash fiction challenges, oh and maybe finish reading a book or two. Ha, no. The gifts I finished except for stuff for my parents, which I’m just going to buy from the store. As for the daily writing, I have kept up with it somewhat but I just need to restart the entire project.

My plans for next year include – aside from finding a better job because things are getting weird at the current one where I’m under-employed: finishing a draft of the novel I want to submit to a publisher (perhaps even a second draft), getting more active because I sit too much as it is, and doing Temperature Afghan. I found this while putzing around on Pinterest, as you do when you’re avoiding work. You track the daily official high temperature and create either a row or a granny square in the assigned color. Depending on where you find your instructions, you will find different colors and even different ranges. The one that I’m planning to use is from Stitching in the Woods and uses Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a 10 degree scale. I already have a few of these colors, so it will be a nice stash buster project. And at the end of the year, you get a cute rainbow blanket.

We’ll see what happens.


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