Monday Update 2.27.17

Currently I'm... Eating/Drinking: Some water. Watching: The X-Files - “Never Again.” Listening to: The TV. Reading: James Luceno’s Catalyst: A Rogue One novel. Wanting: My ankle to stop bothering me. I think I turned it funny. Enjoying: Looking at the pretty dresses from the Oscars on my Tumblr dash, even though I don’t watch award … Continue reading Monday Update 2.27.17


Flash Fiction #8

This is wrong, very wrong, Clara thought as she lay awake just an arm's length away from Evelyn. One shouldn’t have these kinds of feelings. The train’s rocking would normally have put her right to sleep, as it had on the first leg of their journey south. However, her guilty thoughts plagued her that evening. … Continue reading Flash Fiction #8

Monday Update 2.20.17

Currently I'm... Eating/Drinking: An iced vanilla chai from Dunkin Donuts. Watching:  Nothing at the moment. Listening to: Will You Accept This Rose - “Good Talk! With Wells Adams and Steve Hytner.” Reading: James Luceno’s Catalyst: A Rogue One novel. Wanting: This unseasonably warm weather to continue because I hate winter. Enjoying: Duolingo. I finished the … Continue reading Monday Update 2.20.17