Musical Musings #1

This should technically be for January, but I just found the post on a friend’s blog while playing catchup. Anyway – this will be a new feature where I post themed lists based all around music. Sometimes it’s hard for me to narrow down just one song for each category because my musical tastes, like my reading tastes, change depending on my mood. For this post, I stuck with music from the decade when I was born – the 1980s. I was only around for the latter half, but the music was still a big part of my childhood thanks to VH1 (remember when they actually played music videos?) and parents who didn’t want to listen to Disney tapes 24/7.

Song That Makes Me Want to Dance
I mean, it’s in the title.

Song That I Love to Sing Along With
Not great at singing along with this one, but I do it anyway. Heart is another enduring childhood favorite like Whitney.

Okay, I had to do two because I love Queen. I can sing this one a little better ;D

Favorite Soundtrack
I actually came to this movie much later in life, although I’d heard some of the songs growing up. This one still gets a lot of play when I’m in the car.


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3 thoughts on “Musical Musings #1

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    Oh man, does this bring me back, these are some classics! These are also the best kareoke songs of all time. Really loving these updates, keep them coming. What’re your favorite albums from back in the day?


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