Monday Update 2.20.17

Currently I’m…

Eating/Drinking: An iced vanilla chai from Dunkin Donuts.

Watching:  Nothing at the moment.

Listening to: Will You Accept This Rose – “Good Talk! With Wells Adams and Steve Hytner.”

Reading: James Luceno’s Catalyst: A Rogue One novel.

Wanting: This unseasonably warm weather to continue because I hate winter.

Enjoying: Duolingo. I finished the French module, which I used as a test to see how the app worked since I already know the language. I attempted to do the Irish one, but it got kinda hard for me, so I moved on to the Russian one. Weirdly enough, I’m doing better with Russian than the Irish one (which uses the Roman alphabet whereas the Russian one uses Cyrillic and not transliterated words).

Making: Still working on my 2017 Temperature Blanket. I’m about to do some cleaning around the house.

Working on: Planning the April Geek Girl Brunch Cincinnati event with my other officer, Lauren.

Feeling: Annoyed that my face is crazy broken out right now and I’m all out of my acne patches. I love those things, they work wonders on my face.


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