Musical Musings #2: Emotions

This time around, I thought I’d keep my responses to French songs just for something different. Even if you don’t speak the language, the emotion should be able to transcend the language barrier. I’ve been studying French since 2000 when I started it my freshman year of high school, and even did my BA in the language. I’m still learning stuff and use things like Duolingo and Transparent Languages Online to keep my skills sharp, but I’d say I’m mostly fluent.

Song That Makes Me Hopeful

From the French musical, 1789 – Les Amants de la Bastille. This one makes me hopeful in a way that’s a bit tarnished considering recent events. The song is about a woman wanting control, and wouldn’t that be nice for once?

Song That Makes Me Happy

This song just feels happy, doesn’t it? And related to the previous song, I discovered Emmanuel through an earlier musical produced by the same people as 1789, called Le Roi Soleil. It’s great, you should all watch it.

Song That Makes Me Cry

Originally, I heard this covered by Josh Groban (also very pretty), but the original just rips your damn heart out. Piaf wrote the song in honor of her lover, Marcel Cerdan who died in a plane crash on his way to visit her in New York. The last line (Deux réunit ceux qui s’aiment / God reunites those who love each other) is written on Piaf’s grave, which I visited in 2007.

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