Monday Update 3.20.17

Eating/Drinking: Just finished some pizza and a pop.

Watching: The Bodyguard on BET.

Listening to: The TV and the sound of the dishwasher running.

Reading: In between books at the moment, though I did recently finish Jenny Trout’s new book (thanks for that ARC, Jenny!), Say Goodbye to Hollywood. It comes out Tuesday, March 21 and it’s a lot of fun.

Wanting: Things to go smoothly over the next few months, I’m finalizing my cross-country move.

Enjoying: This new photo backdrop that I ordered from Northern Drops. You can see it on a few of my bookstagram posts, and it really photographs wells. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Making: A new granny square blanket project, because I don’t have enough stuff to do.

Working on: Some new bookstagram photos, and also pictures of my yarn stash and new crochet project for my Ravelry page.

Feeling: Full.


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