Camp NaNoWriMo

April is almost here. Time for another round of Camp NaNoWriMo. For those of you not familiar with Camp NaNo, it’s a month-long virtual writers’ retreat that happens in April and July. Unlike NaNoWriMo in November, Camp NaNo is more flexible and designed to help writers work on projects of any kind (in progress or new), with any word count goal. You create or join a private cabin or be assigned to a cabin through a sorting process – more on that here.

This year, I will be working with my best friend, Pamela on a story that we’ve decided to write together. We’re always reading and beta-ing each other’s stories, and have written fanfic together in the past, but this is the first original writing collaboration that we’ve started. If we can get 50,000 words between the two of us this month, it would be great, but this process is also about just working on what you can when you have the time. Pamela is a new mom, and I’m working and also handling some other private stuff (nothing bad, don’t worry), so we’re both fine with whatever we can fit in.

The story will be an erotic romance/erotic thriller set in San Francisco. There are going to be some elements of organized crime that we’re hoping we can manage to make not gross. This is going to be a process, to say the least. Still believable, but hopefully our hero will be more of a hero and less of an abusive jerk in the guise of a hero. Another aspect that we hope to change from some of the stereotypes within this subgenre is that of the sex worker heroine (specifically, stripper in this case) who views her job as a last resort and degrading, or she works at a strip club but she would never perform on stage. It’s disingenuous, to say the least, that writers continue to hold onto this paternalistic and misogynistic view of sex work.

Pamela and I are currently still hammering out the outline, but we have most of our cast settled. I’m looking forward to working on the story. It’s too bad I can’t afford to fly out to San Francisco and hang out there so I can get a better feel for the place. The most I’ve seen of San Francisco was the inside of its airport during a nearly eight hour layover. Not terribly inspiring. 

You can find my camper profile over here. Are you doing Camp NaNo this year? What are you planning on working on? 


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