Monday Update 3.27.17

Eating/Drinking: Nothing.

Watching: The X-Files (“Small Potatoes”).

Listening to: My cat purring.

Reading: James Luceno’s Catalyst. I found a print copy of it so I can finish the damn thing already. After that, I’d like to finish Sonali Dev’s The Bollywood Bride which I had started while waiting for the print copy to come in.

Wanting: This nice weather to stick around. No more snow, dammit.

Enjoying: The idea of not working for a little while, but also hating the lack of money that means. *sweats*

Making: About to finish up the granny square blanket, and then I’m going to work on a craft swap piece.

Working on: The early stages of my move. I need to sort through things and pair down the amount of stuff so I don’t have to haul too much crap with me/have it sent later once I’m settled.

Feeling: Sleepy.


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