Monday Update 4.3.17

Eating/Drinking: Nothing.

Watching: Spring Baking Competition and Feud: Bette and Joan (which is so great, you guys. Go watch it.)

Listening to: Nothing in particular. No new podcasts to report on. I did download a couple new songs from iTunes – Majer Lazer & Wild Belle’s “Be Together” and Imany’s “Don’t Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix).”

Reading: Sonali Dev’s The Bollywood Bride.

Wanting: To eat this one contestant’s boozy bread pudding on this show.

Enjoying: My new, totally unnecessary rose gold planner from Michaels. I love their Recollections personal sized planners (I have a gold one and a turquoise one already), but I was considering getting a more neutral toned one… and then they had a sale this weekend. I also didn’t need the washi tape set that I also picked up, but again – sales.

Making: Still doing that granny square project, though it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. I may shelve it for a while.

Working on: Camp NaNo with Pamela, although we’re both feeling a bit brain dead at the moment.

Feeling: Sleepy.


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