Musical Musings #3

It’s time again for a new Musical Musings post. This entry’s theme is all focused on family and childhood memories.

Songs That Remind Me of My Parents

I suppose I’ll start with my own parents. My mom listens to all kinds of music (much like myself), but certain things will always remind me of her – like Johnny Mathis’ Christmas album. She loves playing that one around the holidays. Another one which is a favorite of hers (and mine, let’s be honest here) is “Friends in Low Places.”

My dad had a fondness for Gloria Estefan, so anytime I hear her music I think about him. This is one of my favorites:

According to my mom, when they got married they had a banner on the back of their car that read “Another one bites the dust.” Naturally, the Queen song makes me think of my parents.

And as for my step dad, one of the few things we can agree on is that Fleetwood Mac is awesome.

Songs That Remind Me of My Sibling(s)

Okay, so just about any modern country song will make me think of my eldest brother and my step siblings because they’re all really into country. As for my other brother, any Jimmy Buffet song reminds me of him. He’s definitely a Parrothead.

Songs That Remind Me of My Childhood

Pretty much anything above, and most American 80s and 90s pop music. I watched a lot of VH1 and MTV as a kid, and there wasn’t much in the way of children’s music at the time. Maybe my parents just kept most of it away so they didn’t have to listen to it – I can’t really blame them. Like a lot of kids in the Midwest and South, I grew up listening to a good amount of country music. I also have this really vivid memory of listening to “California Love” on a tape (that I’d recorded off the radio in those pre-illegal downloading days) while on a school bus. I think I had a pretty good mix of different genres. Here are a few favorites:

I have tons more that I could add to this. Just go to any Spotify or Pandora 90s or 80s station, and there’s a good chance the song reminds me of being a kid. What songs remind you of your childhood or your family?

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3 thoughts on “Musical Musings #3

  1. deelylahmullin says:

    The B-52s was on my list for Rock Lobster! I worked in a nightclub in the mid-late 80s, so I’m totally onboard with Madonna on my list of faves. I’m with your stepdad on the greatness of Fleetwood Mac.

    Great tunes!


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