Blog Hiatus

I haven't had much time to write lately as I prepare for my cross-country move next week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates about that process. I hope to be back on schedule very soon!

Monday Update 5.22.17

Eating/Drinking: Nothing. Watching: Nothing at the moment, just some rewatches to have noise in the background. Listening to: Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, ep. 247 - “Romance Podden: Romance Readers in Sweden.” Reading: Shira Glassman’s Knit One, Girl Two. Wanting: To get my motivation back. Enjoying: My heating pad. Making: Piles and more piles of stuff. … Continue reading Monday Update 5.22.17

Flash Fiction #19

“What’s up? You’ve been quiet since we stopped for lunch,” Xavier asked, glancing over at Kyle from the driver’s seat. Kyle sighed and leaned her head on her hand. “Nothing… I dunno… It just feels like I’m running away from my problems.” “Look at it this way - you’re starting over. We both are.” She … Continue reading Flash Fiction #19

Monday Update 5.8.17

Eating/Drinking: Nothing. Watching: Nothing at the moment. Listening to: Jordan, Jesse, GO! Ep. 478. Reading: Rita Herron’s All the Dead Girls. Wanting: A nap. Enjoying: The sunshine even though it’s weirdly chilly today. Making: A cross stitch project for my mom with this pattern. Working on: Finishing the cross stitch project and getting things packed. … Continue reading Monday Update 5.8.17

Monday Update 4.24.17

Eating/Drinking: Nothing. Watching: The Simpsons, and I’m catching up on Into the Badlands on AMC. Listening to: Nothing at the moment. Reading: E.K. Johnston’s Ahsoka. Wanting: Things to go well at the dentist tomorrow. I hate going to the dentist. Enjoying: The smell of this coconut and beach wood candle. Making: A cross stitch project … Continue reading Monday Update 4.24.17